Two Worlds Collide -- Boardwalk Empire at Black Rock Galleries

furniture, sets, and props from the production of Boardwalk Empire hit the auction block

Bridgeport, CT – February 17, 2015 – The television series production has ended but enthusiasts of HBO's Boardwalk Empire series have an unparalleled opportunity to own a piece of Nucky Thompson's world when Black Rock Galleries (BRG) offers items from the sets and production in its online auction ending on Wednesday, March 11.

Auction highlights include the chair and clock from Nucky's office, the Commodore’s alligator, and notable signage from the boardwalk.  The vast variety of lots hitting the auction block also include Prohibition Era styled liquor crates, carnival game props, decorative items, period garbage pails, and even the birthday cake from Nucky's big birthday bash (without the showgirl popping-out of it, of course).  

"When the Boardwalk Empire production team approached us, we were astounded at the sheer quantity of items available.  It has taken us months to inventory, photograph, and prepare these items for our online auction, all while our customers have been anxiously awaiting the date," explains Grant Panarese, managing director and co-owner of BRG.  "We're offering this collection through our new online auction platform at"

In fact, BRG believes the auction's timing is perfect.  Between the quantity of items featured and BRG's new online auction capabilities, bidding could not be easier for the Boardwalk Empire fan base.  Bidders simply need to register at and place their bid(s).  Bidders worldwide can have their chance to own a piece of the empire.  The auction ends at 7 p.m. eastern time on Wednesday, March 11.  However, to ensure that all bidders have a fair chance on any given lot, last minute bids will postpone the closing time for any respective lot by five minutes.

For questions and further inquiries contact Black Rock Galleries at 203-335-0000 or

Screen Shot 2015-02-21 at 10.40.09 PM

Nucky Thompson's Birthday Cake

IMG 9192
IMG 9533

The Ritz Carlton Sign

IMG 9764

Marquee Sign from babies Super Club

IMG 0215
IMG 0284

Nucky's Chairs

IMG 0355

Nucky's Clock

IMG 0726

Boardwalk Game

IMG 0749
IMG 0745

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