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Season 5
Boardwalk Empire Season 5
No. of episodes 8
Original run September 7, 2014 - October 26, 2014
DVD release TBA
Season chronology
Season 4
Season 5 of Boardwalk Empire was announced on September 26, 2013.[1] It is the final season of the series and consists of eight episodes.

Season 5 takes place in 1931, seven years after the end of Season 4.



  1. Steve Buscemi as Enoch "Nucky" Thompson
  2. Kelly MacDonald as Margaret Thompson
  3. Michael Shannon as Nelson Van Alden
  4. Shea Whigham as Elias "Eli" Thompson
  5. Stephen Graham as Al Capone
  6. Vincent Piazza as Salvatore Charlie "Lucky" Luciano
  7. Michael Kenneth Williams as Chalky White
  8. Paul Sparks as Mickey Doyle
  9. Jeffrey Wright as Valentin Narcisse
  10. Ben Rosenfield as Willie Thompson
  11. and Gretchen Mol as Gillian Darmody


  1. Greg Antonacci as Johnny Torrio
  2. Anatol Yusef as Meyer Lansky
  3. Patricia Arquette as Sally Wheet
  4. Michael Zegen as Bugsy Siegel
  5. Chris Caldovino as Tonino Sandrelli
  6. Matt Letscher as Joseph Kennedy
  7. Giampiero Judica as Salvatore Maranzano
  8. Louis Cancelmi as Mike D'Angelo
  9. Paul Calderon as Arquimedes
  10. Domenick Lombardozzi as Ralph Capone
  11. Margot Bingham as Daughter Maitland
  12. Jim True-Frost as Eliot Ness
  13. Christiane Seidel as Sigrid Mueller
  14. Shae D'Lyn as Carolyn Rothstein
  15. Travis Tope as Tommy Darmody
  16. Edward Carnevale as Cenzo
  17. John Ellison Conlee as Commodore Louis Kaestner, 1884
  18. Boris McGiver as Sheriff Peter Lindsay, 1884
  19. Nolan Lyons as Enoch Thompson, 1884
  20. Ian Hart as Ethan Thompson, 1884
  21. Oakes Fegley as Elias Thompson, 1884
  22. Erin Dilly as Elenore Thompson, 1884
  23. Marc Pickering as Enoch Thompson, 1897
  24. Maya Kazan as Mabel Jeffries, 1987



  1. Terence Winter: Executive Producer, Creator
  2. Martin Scorsese: Executive Producer
  3. Tim Van Patten: Executive Producer
  4. Howard Korder: Executive Producer



Season # Series # Title Writer Director Original airdate
1 49 "Golden Days for Boys and Girls" Howard Korder Tim Van Patten September 7 2014
Be 501 Season 5 opens in 1931 with Nucky in Cuba, where he presses a U.S. senator on the likelihood of Prohibition's repeal and eyes a future business deal with a rum magnate. Meanwhile, Margaret witnesses a casualty of the Great Depression on Wall Street; Luciano makes a bold career move; Chalky catches a break to get out of a bad situation; and in a flashback to 1884, a young Nucky makes an impression on the Commodore.
2 50 "The Good Listener" Terence Winter Allen Coulter September 14 2014
Boardwalk empire 502 Nucky visits Johnny Torrio in New York City to discuss his close call in Cuba and find out if new Mafia boss Salvatore Maranzano had anything to do with it. Meanwhile, law-school graduate Willie has a job interview; Eli and Nelson's liquor stash is raided by Eliot Ness in Chicago; and Joseph Kennedy listens to Nucky's pitch for post-Prohibition prosperity. Also: A young Nucky and his family mourn the loss of his sister, Susan, in 1884.
3 51 "What Jesus Said" Cristine Chambers and Howard Korder Ed Bianchi September 21 2014
What Jesus Said Margaret finds herself in a pickle due to her dealings with the late Arnold Rothstein when his widow starts snooping around his affairs. Meanwhile, Chalky wonders where his latest partnership is going; Nucky talks shop with a prominent businessman from Boston; Luciano and Siegel try to strike a deal with Narcisse in Harlem; and in 1884, a young Nucky works hard at the hotel and catches the eye of a girl who's vacationing with her parents.
4 52 "Cuanto" Howard Korder, Cristine Chambers & Terence Winter Jake Paltrow September 28 2014
Cuanto Nucky Thompson is forced to remain in Atlantic City when heavy rain prevents him flying to Cuba. He spends the time reconnecting with his wife, Margaret. Flashbacks to his childhood in 1884 follow him introducing his brother to the wealthy tourist lifestyle he briefly observed while working for the Commodore before his summer job ended. Nucky and Eli are caught trespassing in a room at the Corner Hotel by Sheriff Lindsay. He takes pity on them and brings them home for a meal with his family. While Nucky is out of the country political unrest in Cuba grows and Sally Wheet runs afoul of the military while looking after Nucky's interests.

Al Capone flaunts his notoriety when Charlie Luciano visits Chicago to propose a criminal coalition. Luciano recognises Nelson Van Alden and exposes his identity but Van Alden convinces Capone to spare his life. Luciano's visit frustrates Capone and he brutally murders a subordinate shortly after Luciano leaves, then calls Nucky to warn him that Luciano is a threat.

5 53 "King of Norway" Steve Kornacki Ed Bianchi October 5 2014
6 54 "Devil You Know" Howard Korder Jeremy Podeswa October 12 2014
7 55 "Friendless Child" Riccardo DiLoreto & Cristine Chambers and Howard Korder Allen Coulter October 19 2014
8 56 "Eldorado" Howard Korder & Terence Winter Tim Van Patten October 26 2014
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  1. James Hibberd, Boardwalk Empire' renewed for season 5, Entertainment Weekly, 26 September 2013

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