Rohan family

The Irish-born part of the Rohan family. From left to right: Eamonn, Beth, Nuala, Aylesh and Margaret. ("Peg of Old")


Margaret and her children, Emily and Teddy. ("The Emerald City")

The Rohan family is a family featured in the series. They originate from Templenoe, County Kerry, Ireland and are immigrants to the USA. Margaret immigrated in 1909 and is estranged from her other siblings, living in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Eamonn and his other sisters immigrated in 1917 and live in Brooklyn, New York. Margaret is the only one that has ever been married and has two children, Teddy and Emily.

Additionally, the family has a cousin living in America, Martin Hennessey ("Peg of Old").

Family members Edit

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