The following is a list of appearances in the episode "Resolution".


Name First appearance Actor Role type Notes
Gyp Rosetti Scene 1 Bobby Cannavale Starring Hotheaded New York gangster
Rosetti thug #1 Scene 1 Paul Locke Co-starring Stood to one side smoking
Rosetti thug #2 Scene 1 John Mitchell Uncredited With the wrench
Rosetti thug #3 Scene 1 Rocco Parente Uncredited Stood at the back of the car
Rosetti thug #4 Scene 1 Tom Stratford Uncredited Stood to one side smoking
Rosetti thug #5 Scene 1 Richard Flight Co-starring Giving instructions
Walt Wallet Scene 1 Not applicable Unseen A comic strip mechanic that Gyp jokes that he would be useful to have around
Mr. Johansen Scene 1 Robert C. Kirk Co-starring Motorist killed by Gyp
Regina Scene 1 Unknown Uncredited The Motorist's dog
Delivery Boy Montage 1 Jacob Clemente Co-starring Bringing coffee to Nucky
Coffee Shop Owner Montage 1 Unknown Unknown Sending coffee to Nucky
Nucky Thompson Montage 1 Steve Buscemi Starring Boss of Atlantic City
Mickey Doyle Montage 1 Paul Sparks Starring Bootlegger
Owen Sleater Montage 1 Charlie Cox Starring Nucky's chief enforcer
Nate Scene 2 Lee Zarrett Co-starring The thief, killed by Horvitz.
Manny Horvitz Scene 2 William Forsythe Guest starring Philadelphia bootlegger and hitman
Rowland Smith Scene 2 Not applicable Unseen Mentioned as Nate's wheelman
Margaret Thompson Scene 3 Kelly MacDonald Starring Nucky's wife
Prudence Scene 3 Robin Madel Co-starring Thompson's new maid
Margaret's maid 2 Scene 3 Karmen Kluge Uncredited New role, ? recurring
Nucky's butler Scene 3 Kelly Karavites Uncredited According to IMDb
Nucky's servant Scene 3 Kelly Southerland Uncredited According to IMDb
Phillip Scene 3 Matt Hobby Co-starring Margaret's new footman
Lillian Scene 3 Jacqueline Pennewill Co-starring Teddy and Emily's governess, returning
Teddy Thompson Scene 3 Rory and Declan McTigue Co-starring Returning recurring role
Emily Thompson Scene 3 Josie and Lucy Gallina Co-starring Returning recurring role
Radio Announcer Scene 3 Unknown Unknown Unseen character
Carrie Duncan Scene 3 Margaret Daly Co-starring Photograph only
Gillian Darmody Scene 4 Gretchen Mol Starring Brothel owner
Evelyn Scene 4 Jenna Gavigan Co-starring New girl at Gillian's
Harpist Scene 4 Unknown Unknown Playing at Gillian's
Gossipy prostitute Scene 4 Kate Cullen Roberts Co-starring At Gillian's
Gillian's prostitute Scene 4 Anne Bergstedt Jordanova Uncredited According to IMDb
Tommy Darmody Scene 4 Brady & Connor Noon Co-starring Gillian's orphaned grandson
Richard Harrow Scene 4 Jack Huston Starring Gillian's caretaker
Johnny Torrio Scene 5 Greg Antonacci Guest starring Chicago crime boss
Al Capone Scene 5 Stephen Graham Starring Chicago gangster
Jake Guzik Scene 5 Joe Caniano Co-starring Chicago gangster
Dean O'Banion Scene 5 Arron Shiver Guest starring Irish gangster and florist
O'Banion's man Scene 5 Lucas Caleb Rooney Guest starring At the Deuces
Deuces bouncer #1 Scene 5 Anthony DeVito Co-starring Introduces O'Banion
Deuces bouncer #2 Scene 5 Unknown Unknown Non-speaking part
Deuces bartender Scene 5 Joseph Dimartino Uncredited Non-speaking part, IMDb
Spike O'Donnell Scene 5 Not applicable Unseen Mentioned by O'Banion as a Chicago gangster
Nucky's bodyguard #1 Scene 6 David Campbell Uncredited Non-speaking role, IMDb
Nucky's bodyguard #2 Scene 6 Ed Heavey Uncredited Non-speaking role, IMDb
Ed Bader Scene 6 Kevin O'Rourke Guest starring Mayor of AC
Damien Fleming Scene 6 Victor Verhaeghe Guest starring Atlantic County Treasurer
Jess Smith Scene 6 Ed Jewett Co-starring DoJ aide
Harry Daugherty Scene 6 Christopher McDonald Guest starring Attorney General
Warren Harding Scene 6 Not applicable Unseen President, mentioned by Bader
Andrew William Mellon Scene 6 Not applicable Unseen Mentioned by Daugherty
Eddie Kessler Scene 6 Anthony Laciura Starring Nucky's assistant
Dr. Landau Scene 7 Nick Wyman Co-starring Medical director
Hospital chairman Scene 7 James Rutledge Co-starring Leading Margaret's tour
Board dignitary #1 Scene 7 Nicholas Stannard Co-starring "I won't even pretend to know what that is."
Board dignitary #2 Scene 7 Unknown Unknown
Board dignitary #3 Scene 7 Unknown Unknown
Edwina Shearer Scene 7 Kerry O'Malley Co-starring Miscarrying woman, Character from her resume
Dr. Douglas Mason Scene 7 Patrick Kennedy Guest starring Opinionated physician
Nelson Van Alden Scene 8 Michael Shannon Starring Fugitive posing as a salesman
Mr. Posner Scene 8 Matthew Lawler Co-starring Bath tub still operator turning away Van Alden
Mrs. Posner Scene 8 Unknown Unknown Talking off screen
Boardwalk Barker Scene 9 Kevin Carolan Co-starring At the flea circus
Carny Scene 9 John Mondin Co-starring Shooting booth
Jimmy Darmody Scene 9 Not applicable Unseen Mentioned by Richard
Angela Darmody Scene 9 Not applicable Unseen Mentioned by Richard
Rudy the Congo Freak Scene 9 Not applicable Unseen Mentioned by the Boardwalk Barker
Hoppy the Frog Boy Scene 9 Not applicable Unseen Mentioned by the Boardwalk Barker
Mother Scene 13 Unknown Unknown Blocking Van Alden's path with a pram
Daughter Scene 13 Unknown Unknown Crying as Van Alden knocks the pram into her
Baby Scene 13 Unknown Unknown In the pram
Housewife Scene 13 Robin Hopkins Co-starring Apartment tenant who turns Van Alden away
Damien's dancing partner Scene 14 Unknown Unknown Nucky's party
Egyptian Server Scene 14 Anne Vacari Uncredited
Various dancers Scene 14 Various Co-starring Likely credited at the end of the co-stars
Mr. Pendergast Scene 14 Steven Hauck Co-starring Waxing lyrical about Egyptian tombs
Mrs. Pendergast Scene 14 Suzanne Savoy Co-starring Character name from her resume, intellectual at party
Eddie Cantor Scene 14 Stephen DeRosa Guest starring Entertaining Nucky's guests
Billie Kent Scene 14 Meg Steedle Guest starring Entertaining Nucky's guests
Capone's man Scene 18 Unknown Unknown At O'Banion's florist
Meyer Lansky Scene 21 Anatol Yusef Guest starring NY gangster
Charlie Luciano Scene 21 Vincent Piazza Starring NY gangster
Arnold Rothstein Scene 21 Michael Stuhlbarg Starring NY crime boss
George Remus Scene 21 Glenn Fleshler Guest starring Bootlegger
Phil Scene 22 Ryan Woodle Co-starring Farraday Salesman #1
Hank Scene 22 Ned Noyes Co-starring Farraday Salesman #2
Ralph Scene 22 Mike Houston Co-starring Farraday Salesman #3
Farraday Salesman #4 Scene 22 Paul Jude Letersky Uncredited According to IMDb
Scotty Gulliver Scene 22 John Harrington Bland Co-starring Faraday Manager
Mary Scene 22 Erin Fogel Co-starring Faraday Secretary
Cornelia Predock Scene 23 Emily Dorsch Co-starring Margaret's friend following the aviatrix story
Mrs. Landau Scene 24 Charlotte Maier Co-starring The doctor's wife
Bill Lovett Scene 27 Not applicable Unseen Mentioned by Luciano as a New York bootlegger
Peg Leg Lonergan Scene 27 Not applicable Unseen Mentioned by Luciano as a New York bootlegger
Emma Horvitz Scene 29 Yelena Shmulenson Co-starring Manny's wife, new role.
Manny's driver Scene 33 Unknown Unknown Non-speaking part
Abigail Mueller Scene 30 Unknown Unknown Non-speaking part
Sigrid Mueller Scene 30 Christiane Seidel Co-starring Non-speaking part
Baby Boy Mueller Scene 30 Unknown Unknown Non-speaking part



  1. Previously on (00:00)
  2. Opening titles (02:30)
  3. Scene 1 - Gyp breaks down in Tabor Heights and kills the motorist who helps him (04:00)
  4. Montage 1 - A coffee shop delivery boy brings a box of coffees to Nucky (06:36)
  5. Scene 2 - Nucky interrogates a thief (07:58)
  6. Scene 3 - Margaret marshals her larger house (11:00)
  7. Scene 4 - Gillian marshals her new business (11:40)
  8. Scene 5 - Torrio prepares a trip and O'Bannion attends for a meeting (14:30)
  9. Scene 6 - Nucky meets with Daugherty (17:37)
  10. Scene 7 - Margaret tours St. Theresa's (20:44)
  11. Scene 8 - Van Alden tries to make a sale (22:10)
  12. Scene 9 - Richard takes Tommy to the flea circus (23:49)
  13. Scene 10 - Margaret says goodbye to the hospital board and questions Dr. Mason (25:23)
  14. Scene 11 - Nucky visits Mickey's warehouse (26:55)
  15. Scene 12 - Nucky gives Manny a job (27:10)
  16. Scene 13 - Van Alden tries his luck in an apartment building (28:45)
  17. Scene 14 - Nucky's party begins (29:40)
  18. Scene 15 - Nucky greets a pair of intellectual guests (30:05)
  19. Scene 16 - Teddy interrupts as Eddie and Billie arrive (30:44)
  20. Scene 17 - Richard tries to remind Tommy about his parents (32:06)
  21. Scene 18 - Capone visits O'Banion's florist (34:16)
  22. Scene 19 - Capone confronts O'Banion and Van Alden saves the day (34:21)
  23. Scene 20 - Eddie and Billie entertain the partygoers (36:50)
  24. Scene 21 - The New Yorker's arrive (38:20)
  25. Scene 22 - Faraday Elective Company (40:00)
  26. Scene 23 - Margaret talks about the aviatrix with a friend and Owen interrupts (41:40)
  27. Scene 24 - Margaret proposes health education to Dr. Landau (42:30)
  28. Scene 25 - Eddie poses as Howard Carter to deliver treasure to the guests (43:48)
  29. Scene 26 - Gillian confronts Richard (44:38)
  30. Scene 27 - Nucky meets with the New Yorkers and makes an enemy of Gyp (45:30)
  31. Scene 28 - Gyp hands Regina to Margaret (48:45)
  32. Scene 29 - Manny greets the New Year with his wife (49:35)
  33. Scene 30 - Van Alden returns home (50:20)
  34. Scene 31 - Nucky and Margaret say goodbye to their guests and then fight (51:50)
  35. Scene 32 - Manny gets a gift (53:26)
  36. Scene 33 - Richard murders Manny (54:00)
  37. Scene 34 - Margaret cannot sleep (54:25)
  38. Scene 35 - Nucky returns to his suite (55:04)
  39. Scene 36 - Nucky disarms (55:12)
  40. Scene 37 - Nucky finds Billie waiting for him (55:45)
  41. Scene 38 - Margaret drives to Tabor Heights to watch the flight (57:00)
  42. End titles (58:00)

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