Regina (played by Susan Varon) is a madam at the Four Deuces brothel in Chicago, Illinois.


Season 1Edit

At the Four Deuces Irish American gangster Liam asks Regina if Al Capone is there. She says that he is not and Liam asks about Jimmy Darmody. She tells Liam they do not cater for homosexuals. Liam claims that Jimmy recommended a prostitute but that he cannot recall her name. Regina refers him to Pearl and he nods and approaches her. After he sleeps with Pearl, Liam cuts her face with a knife as a message to Darmody in a turf war. Liam's men shoot up the place to create a distraction as he escapes. Later, Jimmy brings flowers for Pearl but Regina tells him she is sleeping. ("Anastasia")

During her recovery Pearl comes downstairs with her wounds undressed. The assembly are shocked and she says she is there to work. Regina says she does not need to work yet from behind the bar. Jimmy takes Pearl back upstairs. ("Nights in Ballygran")

In June 1920 Regina entertains Judge Graves, a regular client. Later, she announces that Belle is ready to see him. ("Hold Me in Paradise")


  • Johnny Torrio : Employer, owner of the Four Deuces
  • Pearl: Former colleague at the Four Deuces, prostitute (deceased)
  • Odette: Colleague at the Four Deuces, prostitute
  • Jimmy Darmody: Former colleague at the Four Deuces, bouncer (deceased)
  • Al Capone: Colleague at the Four Deuces, bouncer
  • Gino: Colleague at the Four Deuces, bouncer
  • Scozione: Colleague at the Four Deuces, bouncer
  • Antonio: Colleague at the Four Deuces, bouncer
  • Graves: Regular client of the Four Deuces

Memorable QuotesEdit


Season one appearances
Boardwalk Empire The Ivory Tower Broadway Limited Anastasia
Nights in Ballygran Family Limitation Home Hold Me in Paradise
Belle Femme The Emerald City Paris Green A Return to Normalcy

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