Producer is a crew position in television. The term producer refers to a specific middle level of seniority under the rules of the Producers Guild of America. However, the term producers can be used to refer to crew members from the most junior associate producers to the most senior executive producers. A producer is traditionally responsible for managing a production and ensuring that it maintains a well budget while meeting the vision of the writers and director. In television screen writers are often credited as producers although they may only have limited involvement with the traditional role. A producer in the traditional sense typically receives the "produced by" credit.

On Boardwalk Empire David Coatsworth received the "produced by" credit for the pilot episode. He did not return to the crew when the rest of the first season was made. For the rest of the series no-one has received this credit. Rick Yorn has been credited as a producer throughout the series run. Rudd Simons was credited as a producer from the second episode until leaving the crew at the end of the first season.


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