June 21, 1923 is a date featured in the series, covering Season 3's eleventh episode "A Man, A Plan..." except for the very end which takes place early in the next day.

Events Edit

In Atlantic City Edit


King Neptune opening the Summer season in the Atlantic City beach on June 21, 1923.

In Chicago Edit

In New York City Edit

  • Arnold Rothstein refuses to take part in Lucky Luciano and Meyer Lansky's latest heroin deal on account of the climate of war between Thompson and Masseria.
  • Luciano and Lansky cut an alternative deal with Joe Masseria. To seal it, they inform him that Nucky Thompson plans to move against him.

In Washington, DCEdit

In Tabor HeightsEdit

  • Gyp Rosetti is informed that his supply ships lost a dozen crates of whiskey the previous night.
  • Bill McCoy becomes Gyp Rosetti's supplier.
  • Gyp Rosetti kills Tonino Sandrelli's cousin, Franco, for talking back to him.


In real life, Jess Smith killed himself on May 30, 1923.

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